Five reasons it’s worth buying a new car

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why buy a new car

When they’re more expensive than used cars, and with the internet giving you the power to compare online second-hand deals across the UK, why would you spend extra money on a brand new car? Here are five reasons you might want to consider it.

1. You’re spoilt for choice

Purchasing a new car gives you total control over its specification so, if you want a specific colour, sat nav, leather and parking sensors, just tick the boxes. With a used car you will probably spend hours trawling second-hand vehicle websites hoping to find your dream car. Even if you do locate that special motor the likelihood is you will have to travel miles to view and test-drive it. Then, if it doesn’t live up to expectations, you have to start all over again. With a new car you can simply order and collect it from your local dealer.

2. You get peace of mind

With a new car you won’t ever have to agonise about its unknown history. There are no concerns about investigating previous MOTs for faults or having it checked to make sure it hasn’t been stolen, written off or has outstanding finance. For that extra assurance you could arrange a comprehensive inspection of your used car, but that is going to cost you. A recent survey from car data experts Cap HPI has shown that the mileage of one in 16 used cars in the UK has been tampered with, or ‘clocked’ as the industry calls it.

3. There are no warranty woes

With every brand new vehicle, you will automatically receive a comprehensive warranty that should offer you trouble-free motoring for years; the industry best is Kia with its seven-year/100,000-mile policy. Buy a nearly-new car and you should be granted the balance of a manufacturer’s warranty as long as the previous owner hasn’t invalidated the cover. There are plenty of aftermarket policies but some can be limiting so you have to check the small print. You do have legal rights under the Road Traffic Act 1988 and Consumer Rights Act 2015 but these are not warranties and will only cover specific issues.

4. You can choose how to pay

Consumers have never had it so good when it comes to financing their new car. Record numbers of vehicles are being purchased this way with buyers attracted by low borrowing rates and a wide array of purchasing options. Depending on your circumstances your choices can include a personal loan, hire purchase, contract hire and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP). The majority of private car purchasers opt to finance their vehicle by using a PCP. Monthly payments for a PCP are usually lower as you are not financing the total cost of the car during the contract period.

5. You get the latest technology

New vehicle buyers benefit from all the modern technology the industry has to offer, from advanced safety features and state-of-the-art infotainment to self-parking systems and internet connectivity. Whether you want a car with an economical three-cylinder petrol engine or the newest pure electric or hybrid car, you won’t have to compromise your choice when you are purchasing new. The extra benefit of the latest technology powering these cars is that it increases efficiency and helps to reduce the overall cost of ownership. In addition, there are savings on car tax, and government grants for motorists who purchase new greener vehicles.

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